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Polyester filament market dynamic Express - Shengze chemical fiber Market (3.10)

business agency, March 11

on March 10, the overall transaction situation in the polyester market was relatively stable, with scattered small batch transactions in the majority, and the quotation of chip spinning enterprises remained stable, but the actual transaction was still mainly negotiated by both parties

from the perspective of product trend, the market demand for FDY coarse denier silk in the market is still good. For example, one part of 150d/96f is used for water jet weaving, and the other part is used for warp knitting; In addition, fdy68d48f was also sold in the first half of 2016, mainly for the production of Huayao fabrics. The price of fdy68d48f was 9800 yuan/t. As the sales volume of satin is stable and the production area is expanded, there is still a large dynamic sales volume in the bright fdy50d/24f market. The 54d/24f and 68D needed in warp knitting are also used to manufacture cylinder heads, gearboxes and pistons of automobiles. The sales of/24f and 75d/36f are acceptable, while the sales of semi gloss products used in water jet weaving are relatively weak. The purchasing power of sh/t0202 (9) 2 ammunition of POY products is good, but the demand for POY products is still small

although the purchasing power of downstream polyester has slightly recovered, the cautious attitude of bearish outlook will still prevail, and there is still sales pressure in the polyester market. For the time being, the polyester market is mainly in an consolidation pattern

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