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Changsha's thinking on the development of printing industry

"a small packaging box links a big industry." Recently, Xiao Yan, chairman of Hunan Linghua Printing Co., Ltd., was "pressed" by the orders on hand. Although the young chairman, whose market value could reach US $33.33 billion by 2022, was a little tired, she told that seeing the Yiqingyuan tea packaging business return to Changsha from Shenzhen, renrenjia company returned to Hunan to start a business because of the packaging industry rising locally, She felt extremely happy - the original intention of founding Linghua printing was to return the outflow printing business to the mainland, and now it is getting closer and closer to her dream

like Linghua printing, with the rise of Changsha's cultural industry, a group of printing enterprises have gradually risen to a new business card representing Changsha's industrial strength with the help of the tension of Hunan culture, either riding alone or fighting together

hundreds of millions of yuan of large-scale activities have been flowing to other places

the printing industry in Changsha, which started after the reform and opening up, has been wandering forward. Taking the exquisite packaging market of moon cakes as an example, 90% of it is occupied by developed coastal cities such as Shanghai and Guangzhou. Hunan packaging enterprises can only imitate and copy a lot, and the market accounts for a very small part. "At present, the annual flow of high-end boutique printing business to other places is still more than hundreds of millions of yuan." According to the person concerned, in fact, these printing businesses are an indispensable link in the production of industrial enterprises. As long as the printing industry is strengthened, it will enliven a cultural industry from a small point of view, and more importantly, it will enliven the productive service industry for the new industrialization

In recent years, through a series of mergers and reorganization and market rectification, Changsha printing industry has achieved significant development in structural adjustment: Changsha Hongshun fine printing Co., Ltd. has achieved an output value of more than 50 million yuan through cooperation; With the support of advanced technology and policies, Hunan people's Printing Co., Ltd. has become the leader of bill printing in the province; Changsha Hongfa Printing Industry Co., Ltd., born in Bailu village, has become the largest private book printing enterprise in the province; The successful establishment of more than 10 Chinese well-known trademarks and famous brands such as "Mengjie", "Baisha" and "Jiuzhitang" has all penetrated the design and printing achievements of Changsha printing industry elites

Changsha printing industry has also set its sights on 1. When using tensile testing machines outside the province: 70% of the business of Changsha Hongfa Printing Industry Co., Ltd. comes from Shanghai, Henan, Guangzhou and other places, and its printed "story fair" won the best printing award of Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House in 2003; "White horse express" specially invites foreign trade experts to guide and teach, and its foreign trade orders are one after another. With the growth of enterprises, Changsha printing industry pays more attention to social effects: Changsha Hongfa Printing Co., Ltd. has established Changsha County rehabilitation and poverty alleviation base for the disabled; Hunan Xinhua Printing Group Co., Ltd. in order to ensure that students in disaster areas can use textbooks in a timely manner and print at a loss...

set up the leader of the cultural industry

at present, Changsha has 625 printing enterprises, with a total registered capital of 1.23 billion yuan and 25300 employees. In 2005, the total output value was 3.42 billion yuan, accounting for 29% of the total output value of the city's cultural industry, becoming the leader of Changsha's cultural industry. Changsha Evening News Group Printing Company took the lead in introducing the first automatic ink supply system, the first newspaper computer plate making system and the first digital proofing system in the province, becoming the newspaper printing enterprise with the fastest number of double-sided color printing in the province

"the rise of central China will bring a spring of development to Changsha's printing industry." Wang tize, director of the municipal Publishing Bureau, said in an interview that the printing industry in Changsha will take advantage of the construction of an industrial cluster base to change the "small, scattered and poor" situation of the printing industry in Changsha. At the end of the eleventh five year plan, the printing industry will be built into a pillar industry of Changsha's economy and successfully build an important printing center in China

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