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East China Sea Futures: Tianjiao pre market review 0401

Tianjiao: (pre Market Review)

East: Shanghai Jiao opened low and went high today. The main contract ru0807 opened 22325, and the opening probe 22235 was supported. Due to the action of spot traders in receiving goods in recent months, the bullish sentiment in the market was directly promoted. The futures price rose all the way to the resistance level of 22500. It was only recently that the harmful materials attached to the interior wall coating encouraged people to take a rest. Since then, the futures price basically fluctuated above 22500 and consolidated, The highest climbed to 22750, the lowest 22235, and the final market closed at 22740, up 365 points or 2.92% from the closing of the previous trading day. After the inventory decreased by more than 10000 tons last week, the domestic inventory pressure was significantly released; At the same time, the two major reclamation areas in China have spread the message of rubber cutting delay, and there are even rumors of production reduction in Yunnan Agricultural Reclamation, which has brought some support to the market

operation suggestions: Although the market showed a large-scale upward trend on Monday, the position failed to follow up effectively, indicating that the bullish sentiment in the market has not been effectively restored. Shanghai Jiaotong will continue the pattern of wide-ranging volatility. After breaking through the 22500 resistance level, the short-term support level is 2250022400, and the resistance is almost one chip; Today, 1 year later (position 2282), the longitudinal stress of the section near the center line of the box girder at the supporting position is 0022900 greater than that at the web. When encountering obstacles near the resistance level, it broke open, and the support level fell flat

Liu Yun: Tokyo Jiao opened low and walked high on Monday, and the Dayang line closed. Today's August contract is now at 275.8, with short-term resistance of 290. Asian spot rubber prices rose on Monday, following the rise in the futures market. TOCOM rubber futures rebounded from the decline in early trading on Monday and closed higher, driven by the strong spot market and bullish fundamentals, as major rubber producing countries entered a seasonal low production period. In July, Shanghai Jiaotong stepped out of the short-term shock range, with a short-term resistance of 23000. In terms of operation, yesterday's intraday prompt for multiple orders to enter the market, and in July, the multiple orders were temporarily held at 22400, and the intraday trace prompt

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