Common body damage and repair methods of match oil

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Common body damage and repair methods of diesel engine

common body damage and repair methods of diesel engine:

the body of diesel engine is a box made of gray cast iron material, which bears various internal and external loads during work. Generally, the body damage has the following forms and repair methods:

1. Frost crack. This is the most likely damage to the diesel engine in winter. The cracks in the machine body can be repaired by cold welding only at the parts that are not under stress. First, drill crack stopping holes at both ends of the crack, then plant several iron nails along the crack, and then supplement several plates perpendicular to the crack direction, and weld firmly with low carbon steel electrodes along the crack and the supplement plate. Pay attention to tapping the weld with a small hammer while welding, and then correct with flame after all welding

2. The bearing holes of 205 at the upper and lower balance shaft ends are worn. This condition must be repaired immediately. When the bearing hole is slightly worn, it can be repaired by enlarging the outer circle of the 205 bearing. Use oxygen welding to place the steel wire symmetrically at a small point on the outer ring of the bearing, correct it with a file, and then press it into the bearing hole. 5. The experimental steps can be used. Another method is to use a 2mm thick iron plate to make a large flat with an inner hole of 50mm. Relatively speaking, use a bento pad, make three wire holes on the flat pad and the body, and fix it with flat head screws. When the bearing hole is seriously worn, the original hole bushing can be bored, and three small wire holes can be made at the joint of the inserted bushing and the machine body and fixed with screws

3. The cylinder head bolt hole is slippery or damaged. In this case, find the degree and position of the experimental machine: the main body degree of the hydraulic universal experimental machine is caused by excessive force when tightening the cylinder head nut or tamping the cylinder. If it is a single thread hole sliding thread, it can be changed again, and a cylinder head bolt matching the thread hole can be processed. If the screw hole is damaged or multiple screw holes slide, it cannot be repaired

4. Trachoma. First ream the hole with a steel wire cone, then plug it with aluminum wire, or plug it with spot welding

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