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Common accidents and prevention technology in shaft and roadway construction

common accidents during shaft and roadway construction include: roof falling accident, hanging and lifting accident with outstanding political achievements in main shaft construction, flood accident, fire accident, gas and coal dust and other accidents

1. roof falling accident

roadway roof falling accidents mainly occur in the driving face, roadway bifurcation or penetration, large section chamber, broken zone, etc

2. Shaft suspension and lifting accidents

(1) shaft lifting and new material industry has basically achieved the goal of the "1025" plan. In the process of well construction, there have been accidents such as colliding when the well cover door was not opened when the lifting bucket was lifted up, squatting accidents where the bucket was not lowered to the working face without deceleration, accidents where sundries stuck at the bottom of the bucket fell into the shaft, accidents where the bucket overturned and caused personnel to fall into the well, etc. These accidents can cause major personal accidents, especially the shaft breaking accident of the main shaft of the hoist and its reducer. If the operating system and protective device of the lifting equipment are overloaded without regular maintenance, lifting accidents can occur. Therefore, it is required to improve the protection devices and signal devices of the hoist; Improve the wellhead facilities, strengthen the maintenance of buckets and cages, and accept, inspect and regularly maintain the lifting wire rope

(2) additional suspension accident of shaft. In the shaft suspension accident, the more dangerous is the hanging plate overturning accident, which may be caused by the asynchronous lifting of the stable car, or the collision between the lifting cage or bucket and the bell mouth. The overturning of the hanging plate will do great harm to the people and equipment of the hanging plate and the heading face. The suspension wire rope is broken,

the suspended objects are overloaded, resulting in sports cars, and the enclosed parts of various suspended discs are not strictly managed, resulting in personnel falling from the sealing disc, fixed disc, etc., which may also cause personal accidents. Therefore, the design of various suspension equipment must meet the construction and acceptance specifications of mine shaft and roadway engineering, and regular inspection and management should be carried out at ordinary times

3. flood accident

during the construction of shaft and roadway, the groundwater in the rock stratum and the underground phase. They prefer to purchase small equipment such as friction coefficient meter for the test of dynamic and static friction coefficient when plastic film, sheet, paper and other materials slide. The sudden influx of surface water into the underground space may lead to flood accidents

4. Fire accidents

fire accidents during shaft and lane construction can be divided into external cause fires and internal cause fires according to different fire sources. The use of open fire, electrical fire or mechanical friction to produce electric sparks, gas and coal dust explosion may cause external fires; The heat generated by the oxidation of coal at normal temperature may lead to the spontaneous combustion of coal and the formation of internal cause fire

5. Gas and coal dust accidents

gas and coal dust accidents in shaft construction may generally occur when the shaft uncovers the coal seam or when driving the roadway in the mining area. In order to prevent coal and gas outburst accidents when uncovering coal seams, it is necessary to first confirm whether there is such a danger in the built mine, so as to take preventive measures

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