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Donghai Futures: Tianjiao pre Market Review 1218

East: on Monday, the Shanghai Jiao control punch rose at an even rate, still continuing the weak consolidation trend. At the beginning of the session, affected by the Japanese glue, the futures price rose slightly, but soon fell back to the 22500 first-line shock consolidation, the market sentiment was still not prosperous, and the trading volume shrank again. The main ru0803 contract opened at 22620, with a maximum of 22740 and a minimum of 22375. Specifically, it closed at 22545, down 25 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 177622 transactions throughout the day, and the position increased by 3528 to 79106. From the perspective of technical graphics, the momentum of Shanghai glue rising is insufficient, and it is possible to fall down and seek support again. Therefore, in terms of operation, we should leave the market to wait and see with multiple orders at high prices, and conduct short-term trading within the day

limitless: as of December 17, the position status of Tokyo rubber market, the net position rate of the top three main long positions was 29.54%, and the net position rate of the top three main short positions was 26.09%, with 32310 positions

Tokyo rubber futures closed higher on Monday, boosted by the fund's new buying and short covering, and market sentiment was boosted after the market broke through the closely watched level of 295 yen. The weakness of the yen and the firmness of crude oil prices also brought support, and the news that rainfall led to rubber cutting delays in major rubber producing countries was also a positive factor. The next resistance level is 300 yen

Shanghai Jiaotong fluctuated, with short-term support of 22300 in March. It is recommended to focus on the short-term in the day

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