Commercial production of a huge oil field in Iraq

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Iraqi oil minister al luaibi said on the 29th that the siguna-2 oil field, a super large Iraqi oil field developed by Russia's Lukoil company, has begun commercial production, which will further increase Iraq's oil production

at the launch ceremony of commercial production of West gurna-2 oilfield held on the same day, luaibi said that the daily oil production of the oilfield is currently 120000 barrels, and it is expected to increase to 400000 barrels by the end of this year. According to the development plan, the daily output of the oilfield, especially the thin-layer insulation, will reach 1.2 million barrels

Dao pin hammer luaibi said that the commercial production of West qurna-2 oilfield is a major achievement, which will help the Iraqi government increase fiscal revenue and implement the national development plan. He pointed out that by the end of this year, Iraq's average daily oil production is likely to reach 4million barrels

Iraq is hard to understand. Deputy Prime Minister Shahristani announced earlier this month that Iraq's average daily crude oil production in February was 3.5 million barrels, of which 2.8 million barrels were exported abroad, and the export volume reached a new high in more than 20 years. According to the statistics of the International Energy Agency, the average daily oil production of Iraq in 2013 was 3.07 million barrels

West qurna-2 oilfield is located in Basra province in southern Iraq, with proven oil reserves of nearly 14billion barrels, which is one of the largest oilfields in Iraq. At the beginning of 2010, Russia's Lukoil company and Norwegian national oil company officially signed the West gurna-2 oilfield development contract with the Iraqi government. However, Statoil will further control the safety, progress, quality and investment of the project in February, and announced its withdrawal from the project in 012. At present, Luk company owns 75% of the shares of the project, and Iraq northern oil company holds the remaining 25% of the shares

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