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On February 26, Shengze market differential fiber dynamic express

the market of differential cationic silk stabilized, and its price remained unchanged. From the sales market, FDY fine denier silk has the upper hand, especially the 63d market has more demand. While DTY sales are average, POY is poor. CDP chip prices entered consolidation, coupled with the decline in enthusiasm for weaving procurement. It is expected that the cationic silk market in the future will mainly run smoothly. The market of polyester/polyester composite yarn stabilized, and the overall trading volume fell. Compared with the trading varieties, the 100+50 sales of polyester/polyester composite yarn were still good, but the one-way air valve of polyester/polyester composite yarn fell off before the start of the competition, and some social inventories were on the high side. It is expected that the future market of polyester/polyester composite yarn will be dominated by adjustment. The quantity of island composite wire is stable, and the price also continues to remain unchanged. From the perspective of variety trend, island composite wire 180d4 is a good way to improve safety and sales. It is expected that island composite wire is stable and good, and the most important thing is that the market of maximum experimental force will remain. The market of polyester/nylon composite yarn has not changed much. At present, the sales of downstream related fabrics have not been released, so it is difficult to improve the demand for polyester/nylon composite wire. It is expected that the market of polyester/nylon composite wire used in dialyzers will have a weak adjustment trend in the future

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