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Industry leaders talk about industrial trends in 2013

on January 16, the 2013 media Seminar on industry and technology outlook hosted by yiweixun was held at the Langham Hotel, Donghai, Shenzhen. At the seminar, senior experts from Freescale, ADI and Marvell and the media representatives at the meeting looked forward to the current technical challenges and future development trends of intelligent embedded microcontrollers (MCU), gas monitoring solutions and LED drivers

Huang Yaojun, marketing and business development manager of Freescale Asia Pacific, first shared his views on the latest development and user demand changes of the core microcontroller in the field of intelligent embedded control. What are the current trends in the microcontroller market? Huang Yaojun said that with the increase of application complexity and the continuous decline of price, 32-bit MCU will become the mainstream of the market, and the low-end 32-bit MCU will gradually cover the low-end applications of 8/16 bit MCU; For example, in motor control and digital power control applications, the medium and high-end 32-bit MCU will also replace the traditional DSC applications

Huang Yaojun, marketing and business development manager of Freescale Asia Pacific

a survey shows that at present, more than 50% of 32-bit MCU in the embedded field adopts arm architecture. Therefore, arm has great potential in the embedded field in the future. In addition, high performance, low power consumption and higher requirements for security are the market trends of MCU in the future. Moreover, with the continuous warming of IOT applications, the built-in wireless connection functions (WiFi, ZigBee, sub GHz, BT, etc.) of microcontrollers are also a major trend

at the same time, many changes have taken place in user requirements, including free OS (Linux, UCOS II, RTOS, MQX) support in complex applications, free middleware (Middleware), larger ram and flash ratio, and providing boot loader for serial port and USB port for upgrading middleware. In addition, such as EMC durability, ultra small package and more communication interfaces are also the direction of user needs. On the general MCU, users want a complete range; SOC MCU devices will be more popular in the field for a large number of applications. In addition, there are also great user needs for MCU with integrated wireless function, integrated D5, MCU with 180osp function by folding the free end of the sample in half, and MCU with integrated man-machine interface and multimedia function

then, how does Freescale meet the needs of customers, including polyethylene layer, epoxy powder coating and adhesive layer? Huang Yaojun said that Freescale's innovation in architecture for different industries is a very important aspect. For example, Freescale's kinetis general MCU family and kinetis special MCU family can meet the above-mentioned user needs and provide customers with a perfect solution

at present, the haze weather and PM2.5 in many cities have seriously exceeded the standard, which has triggered a new round of focus on environmental monitoring. Ye Yumin, market manager of ADI Asia Pacific instrument industry, delivered a speech on the technology and development trend of gas monitoring in environmental monitoring, and introduced ADI's leading technology and program platform in gas monitoring. Ye Yumin said that after the PM2.5 meter door explosion in many cities, it is undoubtedly a fierce catalyst for the monitoring instrument industry. According to the 12th Five Year Plan, 1500 PM2.5 monitoring stations will be built nationwide. This alone will generate a market for the purchase of air monitoring instruments of more than 2billion yuan. It is expected that in the past two years, the market scale of relevant monitoring instruments in this market alone will far exceed 10 billion yuan

Ye Yumin, market manager of ADI Asia Pacific instrument industry

in addition, in addition to air pollution prevention, another important application of gas monitors is in the field of industrial safety. Many industrial processes involve toxic compounds, so it is very important to know whether the concentration of toxic gases reaches a dangerous level

Ye Yumin pointed out that low power consumption, high reliability and noise reduction are the main challenges facing the design of gas monitor system at present. Ye Yumin cited many successful cases to illustrate that the high sensitivity, low power consumption, long-term stability, good design flexibility and high cost performance of ADI product solutions can meet the requirements of customers to meet these challenges

finally, lance, director of technology and marketing of Marvell's green technology products, No. 4. The frame 1 of the waterproof roll tensile testing machine must be lubricated. Zheng talked about his views on the development trend and innovation direction of the LED market. He believes that the development trends of the LED market include the more accessible price of LED lamps, the emergence of wireless LED bulbs, the accelerating popularity of commercial lighting, and the rapid application of dimming standard Dali in Eurasia. Therefore, Marvell is optimistic about the prospects of the LED market and expresses strong confidence in the Chinese market

marvell green technology product technical marketing director lance Zheng

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