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Siemens launched industrial wireless local area products for in cabinet installation and field level applications

the access point and client module of the new SCALANCE W series adopt SIMATIC compact design to realize wireless network connection between machines and field level applications

this time, it launched two product series: 150 mbit/s bandwidth economical products and 300 mbit/s bandwidth high-performance products, All comply with IEEE 802.11n Standard

further expand Siemens' rich industrial wireless local area product line

Siemens recently launched two new industrial wireless local area (WLAN) product series, further expanding the application of wireless data transmission in cabinet installation and field level equipment. The design of a more compact SCALANCE w RJ45 access point and SCALANCE w RJ45 client module can help users realize the interconnection between machines outside the electric control cabinet and distributed i/o such as SIMATIC et 200sp with low cost and space saving by using the wireless network. These components have a degree of protection of IP20 and can support a transmission rate of up to 150 Mbit/s

the second product series includes the SCALANCE w RJ45 access point and the SCALANCE w RJ45 client module, which are designed to support transmission rates of up to 300mbit/s. These devices are equipped with a compact and durable sealed aluminum housing, and have a slot that can be inserted into the key plug card to upgrade the w700 iFeatures and support Ethernet power supply technology (POE). As an additional function of iFeatures, such as IPCF, it can be enabled through key plug in the later delivery stage. This series of products is designed based on SIMATIC s, and can be quickly and directly installed in the vicinity of new Siemens control devices or powerful SIMATIC et 200mp distributed i/o

these two new product series are designed to improve production safety and reliability, further expanding Siemens' rich industrial wireless local area network product line. In addition to access points and client modules, Siemens can also provide a wireless local area controller that supports up to 96 access points to achieve a large area of wireless coverage. Thanks to the rich antenna product portfolio, Siemens' products can cover almost all the scope of supply. MIMO (multiple input multiple output) antenna technology follows the IEEE 802.11n standard, and the data transmission reliability is very high. Industrial wireless network is suitable for both indoor and outdoor, but also for harsh environments, which led to the emergence of hydraulic 4-ball testing machine. Its typical applications include material warehouses and transportation systems in enterprise logistics when materials yield to a certain degree, production activities of assembly lines, such as mobile equipment and railway applications such as cranes and amusement facilities

with the compact design of access points and client modules, Siemens is further expanding the application of industrial wireless local area networks in the field of in cabinet installation and field level equipment

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about Siemens in China:

Siemens AG is a leading enterprise in the field of global electronic and electrical engineering, which is a relatively primitive experiment to test the characteristics of material springs. It was founded in 1847. The main businesses are concentrated in four business areas: industry, energy, medical treatment, infrastructure and city. Siemens has been in China since 1872. For more than 140 years, it has provided comprehensive support for China's development with innovative technology, excellent solutions and products, and has established a leading position in the Chinese market with outstanding quality, reliable reliability, leading technological achievements and unremitting pursuit of innovation. In fiscal year 2013 (from October 1, 2012 to September 30, 2013), Siemens' total revenue in China reached 6.14 billion euros, with nearly 32000 employees, 19 R & D centers and 76 operating enterprises *. Siemens has developed into an inseparable part of China's society and economy, and is dedicated to working together with China to achieve sustainable development

* this data refers to Siemens' companies with continuous operations in China

Siemens industrial business is the world's leading innovation pioneer, leading the development trend of global industry. With a complete product portfolio and solutions of innovation and environmental protection, professional technology in the industry market and strong customer service capabilities, Siemens provides full life-cycle product and service support from product design to production planning, production engineering, production execution and service. As a reliable partner of Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the industrial business field introduces digital enterprise platform and resource efficiency into the whole product development and production process to improve customer productivity, efficiency and flexibility. The industrial business sector has about 13000 employees in China, consisting of industrial automation group, drive technology group, customer service group and metallurgical technology department. So far, Siemens industries has established 8 R & D centers, 15 operating companies, 47 service centers and 6 training centers in China

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the industrial automation group supports the entire value chain of industrial customers who are extremely sensitive to the risks of experiments. It uniquely integrates automation technology, industrial control, industrial communication, industrial safety and industrial software to help customers realize the optimization of the entire value chain from product design and development to product production and service. With its comprehensive solutions, the industrial automation group can improve engineering efficiency and shorten the time to market of products by up to 50%

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