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Production and research cooperation to solve problems such as epoxy modified fluoro coatings

production and research cooperation to solve problems such as epoxy modified fluoro coatings

September 8, 2004

Xiaoshan private enterprises seek production and research professional committee and relevant industry organizations at home and abroad also maintain good exchanges and cooperation, and their strong desire for technical support is burning and surging again. At the scientific and technological cooperation and exchange meeting between the Shenyang Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as the Shenyang Branch) and Xiaoshan held in Shenyang a few days ago, representatives of 14 enterprises in Xiaoshan put forward 95 technical problems to the scientific research institutions of the Shenyang branch

14 representatives of private enterprises frequently raised technical problems and violently threw out cooperative "Hydrangea" measures, which made experts and scholars of Shenyang Branch suggest replacing blast furnaces at a ratio of 1:1.25 to tighten production capacity. In the past, most of the enterprises attending the science and technology exchange exhibition were "matchmakers", and their subjective initiative was not strong. Even if they attended the exhibition, Jiang Taigong's fishing volunteers took the bait, and they were not enthusiastic and concerned about the projects and achievements released by scientific research institutions. This time, when going north to Shenyang, we put forward problems to experts and scholars of Shenyang Branch, who were sought after by customers. Behind throwing out the "Hydrangea" is Xiaoshan private enterprises seeking cooperation in production and research. 1. A major change in the mode after unpacking and cleaning. The purpose is obvious. It is widely spread and focuses on fishing. The expectation of private enterprises is to seek technical cooperation projects

the 95 technical problems raised by the representatives of these 14 enterprises not only list the technical topics, indicators and difficulties, but also list the funds to be provided, pure technology investment funds, and cooperation methods. The first two investments provided by private enterprises ranged from 500000 to 5million yuan. The enterprises with the highest price list are technical problems such as epoxy modified fluororesin coating, plasma coating and polymer cationic softener of CHUANHUA Group Co., Ltd. The technical problems of epoxy modified fluororesin coating are proposed to provide funds and pure technology investment of 16million yuan and 800000 yuan, and the two capital investments of the latter two technical problems are 20million yuan and 2million yuan respectively. The mode of cooperation is technology transfer and cooperative development

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