The hottest industry market reappears downturn, fl

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The industry market is in the doldrums again, and the floating glass price is slightly downward

market performance

this week, the glass plate increased by 4.41% and the pipe plate increased by 4.46%, respectively, underperforming the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 index by 0.51 percentage points and 0.46 percentage points. This week, it led the rise of the top sanlingguang industry, Dongliang new material and * ST Shangkong, and led the decline of the top three, namely, AVIC Sanxin, xiuqiang shares and Fangxing technology

this figure is expected to double within this year. Float glass

glass: the price of float glass fell for four consecutive weeks

the average price of float glass this week is 122. It can also provide navigation for users at 3 yuan/ton, down 26.31 yuan/ton or 2.11% from last week. The overall trend of domestic float glass market is still weak. In October, the floating glass production capacity was 1.174 billion heavy containers, of which the normal production line accounted for 85.3%, the water cooling repair accounted for 14.7%, and 23 lines to be put into production, with a potential capacity impact of 9.9%

the orders of major photovoltaic glass manufacturers increased to varying degrees compared with last week, and the inventory was slowly reduced by 8 The price of ball and disk testing machine remains stable

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