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Application of anti-counterfeiting technology (V)

8. The national key technological innovation project - "China Commodity anti-counterfeiting network system project"

in response to the call of the State Council on "cracking down on fake and shoddy products and purifying the domestic commodity circulation market", the economic information center of the State Economic and Trade Commission, the information center of the State Administration of quality and technology supervision, inspection and quarantine Chinatelecom data and Communication Bureau jointly developed "China Commodity anti-counterfeiting network system project". After nearly a year of development and construction, "China Commodity anti-counterfeiting network system project" has completed the development of digital anti-counterfeiting system, the construction of anti-counterfeiting database, the research and development and construction of password identification supporting projects, and has developed a network digital information anti-counterfeiting system that provides anti-counterfeiting and fidelity means for enterprises on the basis of Chinatelecom's 168 voice link platform and Internet platform. At present, the system has officially opened the anti-counterfeiting query and information release channel on the Internet through the preparation of the "168315 enterprise automatic customer service center"

"168315 enterprise automatic customer service center" makes full use of telecommunication network resources, interconnection advantages and printing means to provide brand anti-counterfeiting technology for enterprises and anti-counterfeiting identification tools for consumers nationwide, which has played a good role in purifying China's commodity circulation market and improving the self-protection ability of enterprises and consumers. At present, the dedicated audio network of "168315 enterprise automatic customer service center" has connected nearly 30 provincial capitals and 150 other medium-sized cities in China, and only manufacturers can guarantee all services for customers. "Chinatelecom 168315 commodity voice station" has opened the "product anti-counterfeiting inquiry special number", which provides a password inquiry and enterprise product anti-counterfeiting measures release platform for enterprises, helps enterprises match anti-counterfeiting passwords with products, and can provide enterprise users with a complete set of anti-counterfeiting password solutions. The packaging and printing enterprises will spray the passwords on their product trademarks according to the existing technical equipment conditions Marking and packaging (clear code or uncovering laser holographic code). This is the organic combination of code anti-counterfeiting technology and printing technology progress, which not only adds new functions and added value of products to printing and packaging enterprises, but also increases market competitiveness, and plays a role in improving and promoting the code anti-counterfeiting function

at present, code technology and information-based anti-counterfeiting have been widely used in trademarks, labels and packages of tobacco, alcohol, food, beverages, drugs, health products, motorcycles, auto parts, VCD discs and other products. Hainan Guoke Zhaoxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. currently has more than 70 companies nationwide, with annual sales of 180million yuan, growing at a rate of about 20% every year. For another example, Hebei Zhaoxin anti-counterfeiting technology Co., Ltd. provides more than 40 million code anti-counterfeiting labels for xurisheng drinks (one of the top ten famous brand drinks in China) a year, each of which is 0.18 yuan, and the annual sales of this item alone is 7.2 million yuan

9. Nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology

(I) overview

nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology is a micro anti-counterfeiting technology that can directly penetrate into various carriers. Its principle is to use the randomness, computerization and extension characteristics of nuclear groups in the process of movement to embed them in various carriers in a hierarchical and three-dimensional manner, setting insurmountable obstacles for imitators, Even the producer himself cannot copy the same nuclear track original

this technology was listed as the national key scientific and technological project of the "Eighth Five Year Plan" by the national science and Technology Commission in 1993, and was developed by the Beijing nuclear Hangzhou New Technology Research Institute. In March 1995, it passed the expert appraisal under the auspices of the Ministry of public security and the State Bureau of technical supervision, and was rated as a national new product in 1996. The national standard (gb/t-compression fixture 40x40mm provided by the customer) issued in October 1997 listed it as the most advanced (3.10) anti-counterfeiting technology. The National Bureau of quality and technical supervision and the national anti-counterfeiting Standardization Technical Committee recognized this technology as the only world leading project with international monopoly in China at present, occupying a leading position in anti-counterfeiting technology at home and abroad. This technology has been officially applied in the customs system since 1995. The military product protection system of the troops stationed in Hong Kong and Macao and the double security beacon system organized by the Beijing Institute of technology supervision law provide opportunities to reduce weight, cost and the number of sub components for metal door modules with the same price range

the acceptance report detected by 40 directly under the customs identification instrument shows that after using this technology, the identification of true and false marks can achieve double hundred, that is, 100% of the true marks pass and 100% of the false marks are intercepted

(II) technical principle and basic characteristics

nuclear double card anti-counterfeiting technology is to introduce the anti-counterfeiting principle of ancient tiger amulet into the micro world, use a large number of micro particle group carvings as the original, form a master in its three-dimensional random state, and then penetrate into the used carrier in various ways. Its basic characteristics are as follows: (to be continued)

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