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Breaking through the pain points of the industry helps green urban construction Ouman Quanqin Wang customize for Shanghai

breaking through the pain points of the industry helps green urban construction Ouman Quanqin Wang customize for Shanghai

recently, China Construction Machinery Information

"the highest bridge in the century" Beipanjiang bridge, and the Yangtze River Bridge with a total length of more than 6000 meters. Behind each landmark building, there is day and night construction, as well as material transportation, which can be said, Muck trucks support half the sky of infrastructure transportation. On June 18, Auman Quanqin Wang's "Shanghai standard" urban construction muck truck was officially released in Shanghai, and 130 Auman muck trucks were delivered to customers on site, and 210 signed orders were won at the same time. As the highest point of China's economic development and the future innovation center, Shanghai has always been at the forefront of China's economic development. Ouman Quanqin Wang came here for the in-depth customization of Shanghai's regional laws and regulations to promote the development of Shanghai's joint construction of a green city

Auman Quanqin Wang "Shanghai standard" urban construction muck truck new products were officially released

regional policies emerge in endlessly. Auman Quanqin Wang came specifically for Shanghai

2021 is the first year of China's "14th five year plan". As the core area of China's economic development, the Yangtze River Delta also ushered in a new height of ecological civilization construction while economic construction. Recently, Shanghai has put forward new standards for the technical specifications of muck trucks, including stricter requirements for the dead weight and emission standards of muck trucks as well as on-board terminals in terms of intelligent safety, and unified regulations on the internal dimensions of vehicle cargo compartments, tarpaulin structures, appearance, etc., in order to more comprehensively govern the muck truck transportation market. As the pacesetter of economic development, Shanghai has begun to upgrade the standard requirements for muck trucks, and the transformation and upgrading of the dump truck market is imminent

Li Jian, vice president of Foton automobile group brand and director of Foton Daimler automobile brand delivered a speech

how to solve users' "policy concerns" under the increasingly stringent regional standards? Vice president of Foton automobile group brand Li Jian, brand director of Foton Daimler automobile, said: "up to now, Auman has participated in the construction of urban construction vehicle standards in more than 29 cities across the country. Today, in response to the measures of Shanghai to standardize the technical indicators of engineering waste transport vehicles, the new transportation vehicle standard" safety technical specifications for construction waste trucks "was issued. Foton Daimler automobile actively responded to the call to create a new Auman" full service king "urban construction waste truck for Shanghai, With green urban construction equipment that fully meets the standard of Shanghai muck truck, it will promote the synchronous development of Shanghai's economic construction and urban environment. "

Auman Quanqin Wang "Shanghai standard" urban construction muck truck new product delivery

reliable, comfortable, high attendance, strength breaks through the transportation pain point of muck truck

because muck truck shuttles through the uneven construction site area for a long time, bad working conditions bring great challenges to the quality and fuel consumption of the vehicle. In order to build a non stop king of muck transportation, Auman muck truck adopts Daimler Benz technology, and adopts European standards in a series of processes of R & D, production and quality inspection; The whole vehicle has passed the high temperature, high cold and plateau road test of 20million kilometers 2 The paint and putty of the electronic tensile testing machine did not have sufficient strength certificate, and 40000 hours of laboratory bench verification met the highest European safety standard ece-r93; Auman quanqinwang is equipped with a special engine for Weichai engineering, and the exclusive Auman vehicle is customized under all working conditions, reducing fuel consumption by 5%-10%, creating higher fuel economic benefits; Through the lightweight frame and the patented F40 lightweight rear suspension design with high load capacity, the weight of the whole vehicle is reduced by 1.2 tons, which is lighter and more durable than the models of the same level. In addition, Auman Quanqin Wang's front axle, water tank and oil pan ground clearance are leading in the industry, creating stronger trafficability

muck truck transportation is mostly ambushed in the day and out at night, and the transportation condition is dirty and messy, so the lack of drivers is also a problem for transportation managers. In view of this, Auman Quanqin Wang adopts a 2490mm ultra wide body, a four point suspended cab, and a sleeper. If the normal width reaches 660mm when judging the sensor signal, it will create a comfortable working environment for the data collection system with the high-speed analog-to-digital converter CPLD of ad company. In addition, Auman Quanqin Wang's whole body is made of 1mm, 610l high-strength steel, with damping cab collision back moving technology. The safety configuration that meets the requirements of the new regulations can be installed before the whole vehicle leaves the factory, so as to create a safer and more comfortable working cockpit for the driver and solve the problem of difficult employment

Auman Quanqin Wang "Shanghai standard" urban construction muck truck

ten commitments to ensure no shutdown, "997" Quanqin Wang leads the transformation and upgrading of the industry

behind the "Crazy" speed of China's infrastructure construction, is the high reliability and high attendance rate that muck transportation needs to have, and overcome difficulties and challenges such as centralized operation and poor working conditions. Therefore, Auman full service king has launched ten service commitments, including fixed-point service, car following service, worry free accessories, free assembly replacement, free maintenance, and all-weather service guarantee. It will compensate 1000 yuan for one day's delay, and provide 24-hour one-on-one service. It will comprehensively create a "997" full service transportation tool with 300 days of attendance throughout the year, and one-stop service will clear the obstacles for users to get rich

Auman Quanqin Wang's commitment to "non shutdown service" in Shanghai was officially released

with the rapid development of China's economy, urban construction should be carried out economically and ecologically at the same time, and the continuous improvement of vehicle standards is a foregone conclusion. The competition in China's commercial vehicle market has also changed from price orientation to quality orientation. Auman Quanqin Wang's listing in Shanghai, whether in the unique transportation conditions of muck transportation, regional regulatory requirements Both the pain point of users in the industry and the service have been deeply customized. Quick step has provided efficient and reliable compliance products for China's dump truck market, and also made Auman heavy truck in an invincible position in the escalating and changing transportation market

signing ceremony of Shanghai Urban Construction Green Convention

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