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Industry observation: is digital printing really promising?

talking about the development of the printing industry, many people believe that although traditional printing has begun to decline, digital printing will replace traditional printing and become the backbone of the printing industry. For digital printing, DSM's brand value is generally optimistic in the industry, in addition to the reputation prospect of product quality

but as the friend said at the beginning, if the market skips printing and directly enters the electronic age, how much will digital printing be used? Although the terms of personalized market and variable data can bring people imagination space and temptation, it is more like the concept of speculation and story telling in China's stock market. How big the actual market capacity is, people can only stay at the level of prediction and imagination, without the necessary data and scientific analysis support

different from traditional printing equipment, now both parties should focus on the following work: the manufacturing technology of digital printing, including the manufacturing technology of consumable materials, is in the hands of a few enterprises. Now, on the one hand, printing enterprises have been complaining about the high cost of digital printing, but on the other hand, manufacturers are not tired of indoctrinating the printing industry with the expansion of electronic skills, that is, the cost of digital printing is high, because the manufacturing cost of consumables is itself high, you can't expect the price of digital printing to fall, you should find a way to pay from consumers. In fact, in the final analysis, manufacturing enterprises are fooling people in order to ensure their own interests. Let's take a look at examples in the field of home printing. When household inkjet printers just entered China, printer manufacturers were also promoting that they must use original ink, otherwise it would damage the printer, Yun Yun. But a few years later, after domestic enterprises gradually mastered the ink manufacturing technology, foreign enterprises began to use litigation to restrict the development of Chinese enterprises. The most fundamental problem is not technology, but interests

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