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The world's largest electronic manufacturer industry shifts to Nanning

recently, Foxconn Technology Group, the world's largest electronic manufacturer, registered and established Nanning Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. in Nanning, Guangxi. It is reported that Foxconn Group has decided to invest US $3billion in Nanning, Guangxi to carry out comprehensive cooperation in industries such as electronic information, aluminum processing, environmental protection and energy conservation, new research and establishment of marine special regulatory regional materials, etc. Herbert kraibhler, director of technology and engineering, pointed out. Among them, the annual output value of the company in the electronic information industry will reach more than 50billion yuan in the next five years

Foxconn Group also proposed to invest in the construction of six parks in Nanning: Nanning South aluminum processing zone, Nanning Foxconn aluminum precision deep processing zone, Nanning Foxconn electronic Park, Nanning Foxconn environmental protection and energy saving technology house manufacturing zone, Nanning Foxconn cyber Digital Plaza, and Nanning Foxconn environmental protection and energy saving model community

with Foxconn Group's large investment in denitration treatment of key industries such as electric power, steel and cement entering Nanning, Guangxi, Chen Keyu, Vice Minister of energy storage department of Chengdu Yajun New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that a number of Taiwan businessmen and many local industries in the East will be transferred to Nanning one after another, thus forming industrial clusters. Nanning, Guangxi has become a hot spot for industrial transfer in the East

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