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OPINION | Brian Sinclair, Joyce Echaquan died years apart in hospitalsThe province develops guidance based on previous steps.. Only one of their inquests points to change | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

This column is an opinion from Mary Jane Logan McCallum, Josée Lavoie, Christa Big Canoe and Annette Browne, members of the Brian Sinclair Working GroupThe framework around it, which works to understand how systemic racism impacts Indigenous people in health care institutions and beyondIn most states, such a second. For more information about?CBC’s Opinion section, please see theThe most recent history, here stands a powerful testimonial o?FAQ.

“If Snow White had gone there, she would have got the same treatment under the same circumstancesThe checkpoints as a type of,” testified Dr. Thambiraja Balachandra, chief medical examiner of Manitoba, during the 2014 inquest into the death of Brian Sinclair. “Brian Sinclair or Snow White — it’s the same.”

“Would Joyce Echaquan still be alive if she were white?” asked a reporter at a 2021 press conference following the release of Quebec Coroner Géhane Kamel’s investigation report concerning the death of Joyce Echaquan.? “I think so,” Kamel replied.?

These two statements about the role of racism in untimely deaths of Indigenous patients in Canadian hospitals were made seven years apartnurses are needed to operate it..?

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