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First of all, environmental protection decoration should have a reasonable design, actively use the existing technology, and reasonably apply natural elements such as sunlight, air and water flow to the interior in the process of transforming the physical structure of the building interface. The simple bathroom has a simple heart. With people's attention to the bathroom, all kinds of beautiful and exquisite bathroom cabinets began to enter more and more families. Its classified storage makes the bathroom orderly, and its fashionable style has become a new visual highlight of the simple bathroom

Eagle bathroom PVC bathroom cabinet

model: bf-1060

reference price: 3222 yuan/piece

reason for recommendation: in addition to the main cabinet, this eagle bathroom cabinet also has a matching mirror cabinet to match it. A white design, simple and generous. The mellow basin design, coupled with the angular main cabinet, gives people a sense of inner circle and outer side, which is full of modern sense. Generally speaking, there is no particularly prominent modeling design, but it is very complex with the aesthetic needs of modern home furnishings

purchase reminder: this bathroom cabinet is made of PVC, and some consumers have psychological prejudice against PVC. In fact, for the bathroom of ordinary families, PVC material has good performance. In addition to being waterproof, moth proof and fireproof, it can also be produced in large quantities to reduce the use cost and is very convenient for installation. Compared with the harsh requirements of solid wood bathroom cabinets for the bathroom to do a good job in dry and wet separation, PVC bathroom cabinets are more suitable for ordinary families

Shanggao sanitary ware bathroom cabinet

model: Kenny 200

reference price: 2826 yuan/set

reason for recommendation: this bathroom cabinet is a simple style, with a mirror, cabinet and washbasin, a simple three piece set. The design is modern, lively, sophisticated, stable and practical. Bright color. The bathroom cabinet adopts the classic collocation of black and white colors, and is more fashionable with the unique geometric wide mouth basin

purchase reminder: this bathroom cabinet is small in size, does not occupy too much space, and is very suitable for small houses

Wrigley PVC bathroom cabinet

reference price: 1728 yuan/piece

reason for recommendation: the combination of blue and white colors is used in the appearance, which is very fresh and natural. This PVC bathroom cabinet is floor type, which is suitable for the modern bathroom with dry and wet separation and large space. Its feet are made of aluminum alloy, and the height can be adjusted to ensure the installation and level of the bathroom cabinet when the installation ground is uneven. This bathroom cabinet has a larger storage space, which is easy to hide the water supply and drainage pipes, and the extended table top can place a large number of toiletries. Having such a bathroom cabinet can make the bathroom space cleaner and cleaner

purchase highlights: the price of this bathroom cabinet has fallen below 2000. Considerate function design and powerful storage function, when high-end products are cheap, it is the best time for consumers seeking quality of life to sell

Eagle bathroom PVC bathroom cabinet

model: bf-1040

reference price: 4443 yuan/set

reason for recommendation: this bathroom cabinet is a simple style, with mirrors, cabinets and washplates, a simple three piece set. The bathroom cabinet has a bright impact of two colors: red and white. The locker is suspended in the air, with a unique design. The empty space below can place other objects, such as flowers and plants or garbage cans. The locker adopts a long handle, which is anti-skid and easy to open. The cabinet below adopts two-layer design, with large storage space

purchase reminder: this bathroom cabinet is small in size and has large storage space, which is very suitable for small family bathroom purchase





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