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Another famous Wulin expert also has one fear, that is, he is afraid of being plotted by others. It is the so-called "it is easy to hide the open gun, but difficult to defend the hidden arrow"

home decoration has moved from the peak season this year to the current off-season, but the owners are constantly confused about the problems caused by decoration. The most typical is that some owners call to say that their home decoration costs exceed the budget by tens of thousands, which really makes them a little unbearable. It is understood that the budget in home decoration mainly includes: main material cost, auxiliary material cost, labor cost, design cost, management cost and tax. Why does the budget exceed tens of thousands of yuan? Xiaobian learned from some professionals that from the beginning of the decoration budget, some decoration companies began to "set up"

typical case of budget overrun:

"because the first decoration was not so deeply involved before, the labor price and material price were underestimated, resulting in the need to constantly adjust and readjust the budget, breaking through the psychological bottom line again and again." A few days ago, Miss Wang told Xiaobian that she had not graduated and worked for long. After buying a house last year, her savings were already stretched. For decoration, she has not much money, and she has a preliminary plan: about 30000 yuan to decorate the house

when she found a friend of the decoration company and listed the decoration projects one by one, she found that it would cost at least 50000 yuan to decorate the house. For example, it is estimated that the brick laying in the living room, dining room, kitchen and toilet is about 6000 yuan, and the artificial addition of cement and sand is about 4000 yuan; It is estimated that the composite wood floor in the bedroom is about 4000 yuan; The budget for water and electricity installation (materials + labor) is about 5000 yuan; It is estimated that the processing price of woodworking materials is about 5500 yuan (only some ceilings and shapes are made, not wardrobe, TV cabinet, door, etc.); The material processing price of the budget paint is about 2000 yuan; The processing price of putty materials is about 1800 yuan, and then you have to buy sanitary ware and cabinets, which is estimated to cost 10000 yuan; It is estimated that the lighting will cost 1000 yuan, and the bay window and threshold stone will also cost about 1500 yuan. However, in order not to be hard on herself, she had to borrow 30000 yuan from her parents to start decoration

during the decoration process, problems reappear. Many projects are not considered in advance, such as the installation of anti-theft nets and screens before decoration, and the 4000 yuan installation of the whole house disappeared; In addition, after laying bricks, I thought of changing the position of the kitchen door, and spent nearly 1000 yuan; There is also an underestimation of the price of labor and materials, such as brick laying. According to the statistics of workers afterwards, the processing price of cement and sand reached 7000 yuan. The extra projects include seven sewer pipes in the house and the bedroom terrace, which exceeded the budget by nearly 3000 yuan. In addition, the previous budget for floor tiles and other materials also reached more than 8000 yuan

after a whole set of new houses were decorated, Miss Wang's previous budget was completely broken, exceeding the budget by 20000 yuan. As a result, many furniture and household appliances such as bookcases, sofas and televisions have no balance to buy, and the house is "vacant" again. "I really didn't think my decoration budget was used to exceed." Miss Wang said helplessly

the "great shift of heaven and earth" trick commonly used by decoration companies:

Mr. Liu, the owner: I know the current unit price of floors and tiles, but I don't know the labor cost of floor installation and tiling, so I cut down the price of floors and tiles, but I lost on the labor cost. I was surprised that the charge for laying a square meter of floor was 50 yuan

Ms. Chen, the owner: I didn't notice in advance that some main materials were deliberately omitted from the decoration quotation. I was just attracted by this kind of quotation with reasonable overall price and signed the contract readily, but in the next decoration process, I had to constantly pay out for these malicious forgetfulness of the decoration company to "replenish"

Miss Zhang, the owner: the figures on the quotation are so dense that I seldom notice the units above. As a result, I made a shoe cabinet, which looks very reasonable, but it is very small and does not meet the requirements at all. So is the cabinet

Mr. He, the owner: when looking at the budget, he only looked at the figures, and didn't notice some written instructions. The doors and windows are covered, but the door and window covers are not included. Without this process, the doors and windows at home look very "weird", which also causes me a lot of trouble

the above cases are typical of the owners' reflection. Xiaobian summarized the decoration company's increase in budget as "lowering the price of a single item", "omitting some main materials for hard decoration", "secretly changing the unit of measurement of materials" and "ambiguous construction technology". Decoration must spend money on the blade. No matter how much you save, you can't save taste, but you shouldn't spend more money. Here, after consulting relevant decoration experts and experienced netizens, Xiaobian tells you these tips, which can effectively avoid these tricks of decoration companies

to deal with the decoration company's "Eighteen palms of dragon subduing":

first, the decoration company lowers the quotation of a single item. At this time, when the owner looks at the decoration quotation, he should not only focus on the single price of a certain item, but also integrate the costs of labor, loss, machinery and other aspects as well as other items. If the price of a certain item is found to be particularly low, then you have to review the prices of other items. After all, there is no free lunch in the world, and it is simply impossible for the decoration company to give you a free order

second, for the decoration company's "careless" omission of the quotation of some main materials for hard decoration, the owner should ask the decoration company to write clearly all the main materials in the decoration contract or agreement according to the design drawings after the quotation is completed, and indicate whether the buyer is the decoration company or the owner himself. In this small series, I would like to remind you that the main materials that are usually easy to be omitted are the materials used for corners, such as background walls and ceilings

third, for the decoration company's method of changing the unit of measurement of materials, experts suggest that the owner should calculate according to the actual area of many projects, such as wardrobe, shoe cabinet, etc., and try to minimize the "item" as the unit, so as to avoid errors in the decoration process, which are unreasonable and suffer hidden losses

fourth, many decoration companies like to be vague in construction technology and mislead owners. For this, owners can only learn more decoration common sense, understand the construction process standards of various projects about indoor decoration, and regularly go to decorate new houses to understand the process, which has a certain preventive effect. You can also ask a professional home decoration supervisor to help you eliminate some decoration traps and hidden dangers

decoration budget related knowledge

at present, in the decoration market, there are generally two kinds of budget quotation systems in decoration quotation: one is comprehensive budget quotation, and the other is secondary actuarial quotation

comprehensive quotation budget is to calculate the quantities of work, and then calculate the unit price of the project to be decorated, and then multiply the quantities by the unit price of the project according to yuan/m, yuan/m2, yuan/piece, and then calculate the single price to sum up to obtain the final quotation, which is expressed in the formula:

total cost = (quantities * unit price) * (1 + profit margin)

this quotation system marks the production method, materials, brands, and specifications of gongjuyi in the budget table, It seems that the budget is clear at a glance, so people have no loopholes to drill, and they can't help but accept its price

the other is level-2 actuarial. The budget quotation is: there are more detailed material analysis items and labor costs for a single item (such as shoe cabinets, doors, etc.). It is derived from the comprehensive budget quotation and expressed in the formula:

total cost = ∑ various detailed items * (1 + profit rate)

Project: parquet door

the material brand, specification, model and process manufacturing instructions will also be marked in the budget quotation table. The second level actuary can classify the materials used in the whole decoration project. How many materials will be used for a project, and how much is the work price? In addition, consumers can also count the materials of the whole decoration through secondary actuary, which effectively eliminates the problem of stealing and reducing materials and shoddy materials during construction


in fact, in the decoration, pay attention to the first hurdle of the budget, and you will save a lot in the future decoration, spending every penny on the blade. So Xiaobian is here to remind all decoration owners that before choosing a decoration company, they must first plan the decoration style and decoration expenses they want in their hearts, and do it according to their own economic conditions. Don't blindly compare with each other. Then, they must find a trustworthy decoration company with guaranteed quality. Although a good decoration company will be more expensive in price, it has a greater guarantee in budget and technology, In this way, it is also comfortable to spend money in the open. Finally, when the decoration company completes the budget, the owner must carefully check and check, and discuss with the decoration company about the confused or vague funds. I hope the owners of the decoration can be affordable and satisfied





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