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Zoomlion's extreme service helps the construction of Sansha island

recently, the Hainan Branch of the marketing company of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. timely solved the pumping failure for customers, and the customers sent a banner of thanks

this year, the Zoomlion pump truck purchased by a customer in Hainan participated in the construction of "the great wall of the South China Sea" - Sansha island. The geographical location of Sansha island is very important to enhance nutrition, enhance and ensure product efficacy and improve product performance. Its construction is conducive to further strengthening China's administration of the islands and reefs of the Xisha Islands, the Zhongsha Islands and the Nansha Islands and their sea areas. Therefore, Hainan branch pays close attention to the Zoomlion products that are built to meet the needs of global customers, and guarantees to solve problems for customers at the first time

on November 7, the Zoomlion 36m boom pump truck that was participating in the construction suddenly broke down, and the customer called the branch company quickly. It was evening at that time, but the branch immediately arranged after-sales service engineer xuhongdong to come to repair. Due to the bad weather conditions in Sansha Island, the traffic is very inconvenient. Xuhongdong transferred to cars, passenger ships and motorcycles and arrived at the scene at 1 a.m. After the inspection, xuhongdong found that the concrete pumped by the customer this time was C50, but the actual viscosity was inconsistent with the grade. In addition, the equipment was damaged due to long-term uninterrupted operation. Due to the poor conditions on the island and incomplete tools, it is very difficult to maintain, not to mention disassembly and overhaul. However, xuhongdong did not shrink back. He lay under the pump truck chassis, holding a hammer in one hand and a hammer in the other. Therefore, the output of this 300000 t/a production line was still declining, holding the pipe, poking open the condensed concrete a little, and then removing the valve. Until 5 a.m., the pump truck was finally successfully connected. When the customer who had taken a rest was woken up for acceptance, he was very surprised. Unexpectedly, the car was repaired before dawn. The customer said that he thought there were no parts on the island and could not handle them in a short time. This time, he was destined to lose a lot. The appearance of xuhongdong changed all this and saved the loss for them

within a few days, the customer's banner was delivered to the service station, and the customer said with gratitude: "master xuhongdong is skilled and has helped us solve big problems. With services like Zoomlion, we can rest assured wherever we construct."

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