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Zoomlion crane reported good news in the first quarter: it focused on epidemic prevention and production. The monthly sales volume continued to rise, and the market share reached the best level in history

Zoomlion crane reported good news in the first quarter: focusing on epidemic prevention and production, the monthly sales volume continued to rise, and the market share reached the best level in history

China Road Machinery Engineering Machinery Center

in the spring of 2020, China launched an epidemic prevention war. With the unity of the Chinese people, the epidemic has been effectively controlled and handed over a beautiful answer to the world. The victory of the anti epidemic campaign will not be without the help of construction. In the face of the impact of the epidemic, Zoomlion crane engineering Co., Ltd. rose to the challenge and handed over a beautiful answer sheet belonging to the construction machinery industry with its efficient resumption of work and production and its technical products that often turn white

excellent market performance, showing leading strength

in the first quarter of 2020, Zoomlion crane market share increased significantly, creating the best level in history, and the leading position in the industry became more stable. The rising achievements highlight the recognition of our customers for the quality of Zoomlion crane products, and are also the fruitful achievements of the company's continuous practice of intelligent manufacturing and innovative development

in the first quarter of 2020, Zoomlion also delivered products in batches to customers in many places across the country, among which nearly 100 million yuan of equipment was delivered to customers in East China at one time, demonstrating the excellent market competitiveness and strong manufacturing and supply capacity of Zoomlion cranes, which affected the tensile properties of materials

figure: Zoomlion's nearly 100 million yuan products are about to be delivered to customers in East China

technology leads the industry, and new product supply and marketing are booming

. Among them, the new small tonnage truck cranes ztc121v and ztc250a have come into the market, attracting wide attention from customers in the industry. Ztc121v is known as a small whirlwind in the industry. It is the first in the industry to adopt a special chassis and can be equipped with a fifth leg. It provides entry-level customers with a high-end choice of a 12 ton truck crane. Ztc250a552 has become a 25 ton monthly artifact with its good cost performance, meeting the needs of 25 ton customers for economic version products

figure: the newly launched small whirlwind 12 ton crane set off a rush to buy

treading the waves of Internet, and opened a new model of cloud marketing

on February 19, Zoomlion set off a boom in live broadcasting, which was broadcast once a week to introduce products to customers in a new way; Up to now, the maintenance of ztc121v451, ztc350h552, ztc1300v753 experimental engine oil source, ztc201v552/451, ztc800e653, ztc250a552, zcc850v, ztc700h653 and many other products have been broadcast to customers

at the same time, the "car watching" column was launched, which solved the problem that it was inconvenient for customers to come to the factory to see cars during the epidemic period, but they were in urgent need of understanding the market pain points of the physical products. The technical staff and the partner of the beauty host have made our customers deeply understand the equipment advantages of Zoomlion crane products

the opening of the columns "dragon brother talks about cars" and "cartoon Zoomlion Crane" experimentally applies the way of talking about cars and cartoons to construction machinery products. Bring a bright color to construction machinery

figure: the new V-series live broadcast of crawler crane

the wind power version of crawler crane is in short supply, and the construction has set records for many times, helping the energy construction of the motherland

; On March 17, China's first 3MW wind turbine with 140m steel-concrete tower was hoisted in Donggou river wind power project in Dongdan county. Zcc9800w successfully completed this hoisting task, which will help energy development

figure: Zoomlion crawler crane construction set a new record

overseas exports exceeded 100 in a single month, and the growth showed strength against the trend

march, Zoomlion processed different samples of the same batch of materials in the same furnace, and Zoomlion achieved a good performance in exporting more than 100 engineering cranes in a single month. Truck cranes, crawler cranes and off-road tire cranes are widely sold in Russia, Indonesia, India, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and other countries. At a time when the global epidemic situation is severe and the downward pressure on the economy is increasing, Zoomlion's crane product export performance is more and more brilliant

The spring of 2020 is an extraordinary spring. Every Chinese has made his own contribution in this silent battle. With excellent products and perfect services, Zoomlion will continue to help customers participate in local construction and contribute to the global anti epidemic efforts

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