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Mitel report highlights the role of machine human interaction in the transformation of customer experience

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum () on December 12 (compiled/Lao Qin): a new study by mitel (NASDAQ: MITL), a global business communication provider, reveals that the vast majority of it decision makers surveyed have reached a consensus on the interaction between machines and people, in order to unlock the secret of improving customer experience. More than 75% said they planned to bundle equipment, emerging technologies, communication and collaboration capabilities within two years to achieve this interaction. Four out of ten people expect their income to increase

the results of this survey were obtained from a survey conducted by Opinion Research on more than 2500 senior it decision makers in North America, the UK, France, Germany and Australia in August 2017. The scale of the respondents ranged from 250 to 10000, including finance, hotel, health care, professional services, government, education, retail and manufacturing industries

based on the additional data answered by participants, production R & D and downstream utilization R & D are off the node:

--7/10 respondents believe that the interaction between machines and people, the direct contact between equipment and machines with appropriate staff seats, the routing of information to the correct individuals throughout the enterprise, or the direct contact with customers when the threshold is triggered, is the key to improving customer response ability and publishing solutions. Enterprises that want to use technology to improve customer experience should consider moving to the cloud to keep up with changing customer expectations, and combine contact center applications with emerging technologies such as chat robots, IOT and omni channel communication

-- more than 95% of respondents believe that accelerating workflow should be regarded as a step to improve the customer experience. In finance, retail and manufacturing, the speed of completing tasks has increased. Enterprises in these and other highly competitive industries should focus on automating business processes and using collaboration and productivity tools to reduce communication delays. This will enable them to better manage workflow and provide customers with a truly differentiated experience through real-time support

-- North American enterprises have clear leadership in expanding the field of plastic utilization, and embrace technology to better serve customers. 72% of respondents said that they have made more than 50% progress in improving the customer experience, which is part of their digital transformation plan, but obstacles still exist. In the process of using digital transformation to improve customer experience, the wrong positioning of enterprises and it is considered to be the biggest obstacle. Traditional infrastructure and systems are considered the second most common obstacle, which indicates the need to break the information island of enterprises and find ways to modernize the existing infrastructure

customer experience is an active, strategic and cross industry issue, because enterprises want to use new technologies related to IOT, artificial intelligence and machine learning. At present, the types of tensile testing machine sensors on the market include S-type and spoke Wes durow, chief marketing officer of mitel. In the interaction between machines and people, giving machines a voice is a powerful watershed, because the relationship between enterprises and consumers has changed from transactional to more experience, and customer experience has become as important as the products or services provided by enterprises

every day, new digital communication methods are introduced -- from social networking to robots to augmented reality (AR) -- consumers are using them in their daily lives. The era of a great customer experience based solely on face-to-face or voice interaction is over, said Kate jalie, another partner of opinion research. Now, excellent customer service is multi-channel, combining sound, video, mobile and to achieve a seamless and highly personalized experience. Today, enterprises that successfully implement new technologies to change customer experience will become tomorrow's winners

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