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Mitsubishi strengthens its business in China

Japan Mitsubishi resin will focus on strengthening the business development in Chinese Mainland. Objective in addition to improving the high cost structure in Japan, it is also necessary to respond to customers such as home appliance enterprises. Therefore, it is considered to adopt medium-sized polymer materials from the product development stage, and the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials is mostly between% ~ 100%, which is made in Mainland China. In terms of injection molding of household appliance shells, the system of "Shanghai Baoling plastic products Co., Ltd.", the production base in Chinese Mainland, will be strengthened. In addition to exchanging molding technology with Mitsubishi resin group, which has an investment relationship with Mitsubishi resin group, and expanding local production varieties, at the same time, it will also agree with Japanese investment enterprises on sole proprietorship. On the other hand, in order to build, the number of charging piles only shows and prints about 30000 it component sites in Chinese Mainland, and a feasibility study (FS) has also been started, hoping to complete the policy as soon as possible. Mitsubishi resin continues to strengthen its physique under the harsh business environment and is taking various measures to thoroughly develop Chinese Mainland into a major area for overseas business development

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