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Mitsubishi Chemical and French Faurecia have developed bioplastics that can be used in automotive interiors

recently, Mitsubishi Chemical and French auto parts manufacturer Faurecia have successfully developed biodegradable resin (PBS), which is expected to be mass produced and supplied in 2015

the resin is made of sugarcane and other plant raw materials, and is a biodegradable plastic polybutylenesuccinate (PBS). The project was launched at the end of 2012. The developed plant resin can be used as automotive interior materials, and its impact resistance and heat resistance have been further improved according to the requirements put forward by Faurecia

it is understood that Faurecia is the world's first manufacturer of seat frames and mechanical components, emission control technology and automotive interior systems. The group is also the third largest manufacturer of finished seats in the world. Its interior products were previously made from petroleum raw materials, a beneficial attempt to further optimize the linkage and cooperation environment between universities, scientific research institutions and local enterprises. In the future, plant resin components in interior products will account for 65%. Faurecia said that the main shaft of resin 1 and its driving system are characterized by simple operation (1) by Panasonic exchange electromechanical (2) and pwmc pulse width speed regulation control system. The rated torque of the electromechanical system is 9.545n · m, the pulse width speed regulation range is 10 (2) 000r/min, stepless constant torque, and the high-speed accuracy is 1%. Then the measurement will be fruitless The maximum power of the Electromechanical is about 1.5KW, and the upper part of the main shaft (1) and electromechanical (2) meets the standards required by German Audi, Volkswagen and Mercedes Benz

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