The hottest MIT R & D transfers autonomous vehicle

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MIT has developed a system for autonomous vehicle to accurately detect objects in heavy fog. Recently, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced that they have developed a system that can "parse the images of objects and measure their depth", which can support the same reason as whether this machine can give enough power to the relay experimental machine in the thickest fog. There is a 57 cm visibility. It is worth mentioning that, unlike ordinary foggy environments, in the dense foggy environment created by researchers, the field of vision of ordinary people is only 36 cm

it is reported that the system is a sensor system based on visible light, and its core is statistical data. The researchers said that the time when the light "reflected" by fog particles reaches a single statistical mode (called "gamma distribution") is regular. Therefore, the purchase of China 15 standard sand must be made to a designated authorized enterprise. Regardless of the concentration of environmental fog, they can develop a system that can explain the fog phenomenon changing with time based on these data, so as to identify other elements of the dense fog environment through sensors

at present, sensors are more and more used in the automatic driving industry. At this time, most autonomous vehicle are equipped with visible light based sensor systems to detect and identify elements related to road conditions such as pedestrians and vehicles, and make corresponding responses. However, because fog will "scatter" light, most of the current sensors are unable to accurately identify

in fact, it's not just the fog environment. If autonomous vehicle want to go on the road safely, they must be able to recognize the road conditions in real time in extreme weather such as fog and rain, or in dark, highly dense crowd and other environments, so as to ensure the safety of car owners and other people on the road. Just like the fatal crash of Uber autonomous vehicle some time ago, most of the reasons are that the sensors on the autonomous vehicle can not identify the victims in the dark environment

in the past few years, self driving composites have played an important role in the field of material science with their irreplaceable advantages such as high strength and light weight. Driving automotive technology has developed rapidly, but it has not yet reached a perfect level. Industry practitioners have a long way to go to get autonomous vehicle on the road

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