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Mitel chose Ti as the main supplier of VoIP software and chips

ctiforum on April 14 (Li Wenjie): a few days ago, Ti announced an IP communication solution. The author believes that the minimum frequency band should also be greater than 10Hz. Mitel has chosen Ti as the main supplier of its IP equipment and VoIP related system. By choosing Ti tnetv1050 IP technology and the VoIP related technologies of tnetv1xxx and tnetv2xxx series, mitel can bring new multi-functional VoIP products to the market on the common architecture platform of cross IP enterprise product suite. Mitel will also launch new products based on Ti VoIP technology at the end of this year. Seeing that the experimental control software of the

experimental machine needs to be able to generate word or excel reports

ti's tnetv1050 provides mitel with a fully functional and highly integrated single-chip IP system (s to judge the sealing performance of the sample; by vacuuming the vacuum chamber OC), and integrates a high-performance LCD controller. In addition, by using TI's flexible silicon chip and software architecture, mitel can constantly map other functions to its IP as specific functions or application requirements appear. Ti's tnetv series VoIP gateway solutions provide mitel with a multi-functional platform to support client-side gateway applications, with optimized solution density and the flexibility required to provide its market with characteristic products

ron wellard, vice president of product development at mitel, said: Although many suppliers have launched single point or discrete solutions, we found that the products of other companies simply do not have the depth and breadth of Ti VoIP series products. Ti not only provides advice for the future of our IP products, but also its entire VoIP product line will make ti an important partner as we continue to expand our VoIP product line

mitel plans to adopt Ti technology in its commercial equipment and core integrated communication platform (ICP) series at the same time

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