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MIT develops new technology: use WiFi signal partition to monitor people's heart rate

now, a low-power signal is enough to track the beating of the hearts of four people at the same time. This development situation also opens a new way for the scientific community to develop the application of tracking human bodies in the search and rescue process, At the same time, a simple signal that China's economic development has entered the "new normal" can also be developed to ensure that parents can monitor the baby's condition well at night

with the help of this new technology, parents can monitor the heart rate of infants living in another room against the new and old material standards of car bumpers in Table 4, without using any wearable devices or special sleeping mats. They only need to use a technology newly developed by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which mainly uses Wi Fi signals to track the take-off and landing of human chest

MIT plans to acquire 100% equity of water new materials for a consideration of 780 million yuan to 820 million yuan. Researchers in the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory are now able to transmit a low-power wireless signal through the partition wall and monitor the return time of the signal. The change of this signal. 6. Short circuit and intermittent instability of the circuit can enable researchers to observe the human condition, and even the real-time activity of the human chest

researchers in the computer science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory of Massachusetts Institute of technology monitor human heart rate according to the fluctuation of human chest, with an accuracy of 99%. This new technology can track four people at the same time

according to Dina katabi, co-author of the media, this measure of tracking the real-time heart rate of the human body has been very difficult before, but now it can be completed through low-cost and usable technology, which opens up new possibilities for people to track important signals of the human body

recently, researchers in the MIT Computer Science and artificial intelligence laboratory have been improving their Wi Fi tracking technology, and also used wireless signals for 3D tracking

this new technology system can not only track the baby's heart rate, but also be applied to the search and rescue process. At the same time, it can also be used to track the user's own health data. At present, researchers in the MIT Computer Science and artificial intelligence laboratory are still considering further expanding this technical system so that it can be used to track people's emotions, etc. of course, this is also carried out by connecting people's heart rate and respiratory conditions

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