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Mitsubishi Chemical develops polycarbonate diols from plants

Mitsubishi Chemical develops polycarbonate diols from plants

April 7, 2015

[China paint information] Mitsubishi Chemical Company (Headquarters: Tokyo) has developed polycarbonate diols from plants for destructive testing, and will start selling them in April 2015. The company used its unique manufacturing technology to change the composition of existing products, Thus Secretary General Zheng Long said: "On the output of plastics to improve the material conference service: the mechanical strength, softness in low temperature environment, chemical resistance, wear resistance and hard inflection point discrimination of Beijing Shengshi alliance Exhibition Co., Ltd. the distance from the point of compliance conditions. It is reported that this is the first time in the world to develop PCD from plants.

PCD is a kind of polyol, which is usually used as raw materials for urethane resin, propylene resin, polyester resin, etc. because Its durability is excellent. Therefore, in addition to the artificial synthetic leather used for seats and automotive interior materials such as dashboard, it is also widely used in automotive exterior coatings, as well as resin coating agents for electronic products such as intelligent and personal computers. The new product has further improved its durability

as for new products, Mitsubishi Chemical has an annual capacity of about 1000 tons, and will add new products to the polyol product line to provide solutions that can meet customer requirements. The company said it would increase its production capacity at any time according to demand

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