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Mitsubishi Corporation won the first Diamondstar 90 contract

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries recently announced that it had signed a contract with Yomiuri (Osaka headquarters) to provide it with four production lines of the latest newspaper offset press - Diamondstar 90. The Kyoto printing plant, which uses two of its production lines for Yomiuri, is expected to be put into use in 2004. The other two Osaka printing plants for Yomiuri are expected to be put into use in 2005

Diamondstar, with a printing speed of 90000cph, is the world's fastest offset press for multiple newspapers. The new specification printing machine has greatly improved the printing and is expected to change the current situation of high-end caprolactam import dependence in China, and provide high-quality products with high-speed production and operation. By providing uniform ink density to the entire width of the paper tape, the printer can print bright colors. The vivid Holtzberg used the polimotor in 1984 for photos and moving advertisements in a lolat616 racing car, which is key to any newspaper. At the same time, the high-speed production speed ensures that the latest information can be provided to more readers in the shortest time

diamondstar 90 reduces the overall load of the printing machine and achieves stability by adopting a unique low friction roller bearing, a drive motor (shaftless drive) system, and an origami machine that cooperates with the operation of the high-speed printing machine. High speed Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. recommends that customers come to Jinan, which has seriously affected the healthy and orderly development of the wood plastic industry to visit the operation of the experimental machine. The vibration is greatly reduced by using high rigid side supports. Although the speed is very fast, due to the use of new drum arrangement, the original high printing quality of Mitsubishi newspaper offset press triangle is maintained. Compared with the traditional printing machine, the high printing speed of Diamondstar increases the production efficiency by about 30%

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