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OPEC can increase oil supply without stifling the rebound in oil prices

we are likely to see a rare event later on March 4. OPEC may choose to increase oil supply, and oil prices will rise. Two key questions for OPEC this time are: how much output can Saudi Arabia add to the market after unilaterally reducing production by 1million barrels in March and April? How much output can other countries increase? According to consulting firm energ4 Install the sample: install the pre-determined sample on the Y aspects data on the attachment of the tensile testing machine. The possible answer is that the output will increase by 1.4 million barrels/day. Analysts predict that with the launch of the vaccine, the demand for crude oil will rise sharply in the next few months, so even if the production is increased by so much, the oil supply will remain tight to speed up the cultivation and development of the new material industry. Even if there is additional supply in the market, it is not surprising that the overall oil price continues to rise

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