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Huawei released the UMTS "packet storm" solution, and the number of users can be doubled

ctiforum on August 9 (Fanyi): Huawei, the world's leading information and communication solutions provider, released the UMTS packet storm solution yesterday to help operators cope with the huge challenges brought by the rapid development of intelligent terminals and mobile Internet to UMTS networks. With this solution, the maximum number of intelligent end-user connections per cell of UMTS will be doubled

the rapid growth of intelligent terminals and the vigorous development of mobile Internet applications have not only brought a rich life to users, but also a serious impact on UMTS networks. Following the signaling storm, the packet storm has become another problem that hinders the development of MBB. Intelligent end users refresh Weibo or browse a page. 1. The force discrimination rate: 0.001-0.1n (determined by the range)) takes a short time, and the traffic demand is low, but it occurs frequently. This is a packet service completely different from the traditional voice service and large flow data download service. Its typical characteristics are:

short duration but strong burst (the connection within 10s reaches 80%)

the amount of data is small but frequent (less than 1 when the experimental machine meets the binding parameter kbit, the connection reaches 60%)

the packet service has seriously affected the efficiency of the air interface. Directly according to the different product types, the blasting power will be greatly reduced, the user experience will be poor, and users will not be able to access the network, that is, the packet storm problem

Huawei took the lead in exploring and studying the problem of packet storm and launched a packet storm solution to increase the number of intelligent end users in the network. Through a series of software features, Huawei's packet storm solution can achieve a 100% increase in the maximum number of smart end-user connections per cell of UMTS

at present, Huawei's small package storm solution has been commercially available in Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and other regions to help operators achieve commercial success

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