At present, it is necessary to develop long-distan

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At present, it is necessary to develop long-distance transmission technology.

Wang Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Professor shengkuang of Zhejiang University jointly wrote an article that at present, China should speed up the development of long-distance transmission technology and significantly improve energy efficiency

Academician Wang Yisheng is a famous expert in power electronics and control equipment in China. He once led the establishment of China, so the jaw office should often clean the first major in power electronics technology, master's degree and doctoral degree. Recently, he studied and analyzed the deep-seated problems related to China's power construction with the grand occasion of professors from the school of electrical engineering, Zhejiang University

they wrote that since 2011, the power shortage in economically developed coastal areas in eastern China has been increasing. Taking Zhejiang Province as an example, it is estimated that the largest power gap in the province will reach 10million kW in 2012. In addition, the power of surrounding provinces (cities) is also becoming tense. If oil begins to deteriorate or becomes dirty and unusable, it should be replaced with new oil. It is more difficult to purchase power, and long-distance transmission from other provinces and regions to Zhejiang has become an inevitable choice

they said that it is necessary to vigorously develop long-distance high-capacity transmission technology according to the current situation of China's power system, the distribution of resources and loads, and the economic development expectations of various regions. The application of long-distance high-capacity transmission technology can effectively solve the bottleneck of energy transportation and the resulting shortage of coal and electricity transportation, and reduce the comprehensive costs of coal, electricity and society. Large capacity long-distance transmission is the integration of high and new technologies, which can drive the optimization and upgrading of related industries, and plays a great role in accelerating the adjustment of industrial structure, promoting the research and development of new materials, power electronics, information results and other industries, and taking advantage of late development advantages to walk out of its own path of technological development. After realizing long-distance high-capacity power transmission, it can promote the large-scale and intensive development of the northern coal power base, reduce pollution emissions and improve the efficiency of coal development and utilization through centralized treatment; It can promote wind power and Tashkent: the economic transformation has posed challenges to the composite industry. The large-scale development and utilization of solar power generation and hydropower resources, optimize the energy structure, and increase the proportion of non fossil energy

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