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Sanyou Qinghai soda ash project was successfully put into operation

on June 23, after 26 months of intense construction and hard work, Sanyou Qinghai soda ash project was successfully put into operation. At 9:00 a.m., with the official start-up of lime and brine processes, kiln gas and ammonia brine entered the carbonation process one after another. After more than 4 hours of operation, the alkali filter finally successfully rolled off the production line at 13:18 p.m., one week ahead of the planned production time. So far, the first phase of Sanyou Qinghai soda ash project with an annual output of 2.2 million tons has officially entered the production stage

Qinghai large-scale soda ash project is the number one project of Sanyou group in the "12th Five Year Plan" and a high-quality project built by Sanyou group in the implementation of the "going out" strategy. The project makes full use of the local rich resources of low-cost raw salt, chemical raw materials and limestone in Qinghai Province, which is conducive to Sanyou group to expand the Qinghai and northwest markets, expand the production and market scale of soda ash, and improve the market share and comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise

the project is constructed in two phases, from process design, civil construction to equipment selection, all of which have achieved progressiveness, excellence and refinement. One year cycle should be carried out on the machine. The construction of the project started on April 28, 2011, and was listed as a key industrial construction project in Qinghai province that year. In the whole process of project construction, Sanyou group has given strong support from various aspects, such as financial support, financing loans, management approval, personnel formation, etc., solved many fundamental problems and obstacles, and created a convenient and efficient green channel for project construction. The majority of participants carry forward the enterprise of "entrepreneurship and success, and it is man-made". 1. The tensile testing machine needs to be installed in the spirit of cleanliness, keep in mind the entrustment, practice the mission, overcome the adverse conditions such as high temperature, hypoxia and hard work, and work hard, dedication, extraordinary work and true dedication, ensuring the rapid, solid and orderly progress of the project construction. At present, the production system operates stably, the process indicators are getting better, and the supporting management is standardized and orderly, striving to achieve production and efficiency as soon as possible and improve the core competitiveness of products

at the same time, the second phase of Qinghai project will also start construction. The price of the second phase is also quite cheap. It will realize the effective control of key parameters such as the number of layers and size of graphene. It will comprehensively develop deep-processing, high value-added products such as potassium, boron and lithium, and realize the comprehensive utilization of Salt Lake sources. After the completion of the second phase of the project, the soda production capacity of Sanyou group will reach 5million tons, becoming the largest chemical enterprise with soda production capacity in the world. In the next step, the company will consolidate its foundation, increase internal control, optimize indicators, strive to create a new growth point for the group's benefit development, and establish a model enterprise with strong development momentum, good market prospects and high performance level in Qinghai. Zhonghua glass () Department

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