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Qingtian County establishes Qingtian talent pool "attracting Phoenix to return to the nest"

recently, Zhejiang hantem Valve Co., Ltd. established a cooperative relationship with Xi'an Jiaotong University by searching Qingtian overseas talent information database, and the provincial post doctoral workstation jointly prepared is expected to be completed and licensed by the end of the year

recently, Zhejiang hantem Valve Co., Ltd. established a cooperative relationship with Xi'an Jiaotong University by searching Qingtian overseas talent information database. The provincial postdoctoral workstation jointly prepared is expected to be completed by the end of the year to support the development and licensing of automobile lightweight

"in the past, we couldn't find anyone at several job fairs. Now that we have a talent information base, we can flexibly grasp the platform through the information base to find Qingtian technical experts, which brings great convenience to enterprises." Ye Dongjun, chairman of Zhejiang hantem Valve Co., Ltd., said that it was the Qingtian talent office that contacted Shan Jianqiang, a Qingtian professor from Xi'an Jiaotong University, after investigating the Qingtian talent information base outside the country, that contributed to this cooperation

"I have been studying and working in other places. This time, I am very happy to give full play to my professional expertise, help hantem company prepare to build a postdoctoral workstation, and contribute to the construction and development of my hometown Qingtian." Shan Jianqiang said

according to the introduction, Qingtian overseas talent information data took more than half a year to collect and sort out, including domestic and overseas parts, covering more than 1000 key talent information in 9 fields, including professional skills talents, enterprise management talents, highly educated talents, including more than 500 high-level talents

"the establishment of a talent information base is conducive to fully mastering the talent resources of Qingtian nationality abroad, realizing accurate talent introduction, talent recruitment and talent introduction, promoting the return of elements of hometown of overseas Chinese, and nurturing Rural Revitalization." The head of Qingtian talent office said that recently, Qingtian County is still planning to formulate a new policy for health and education talents. After the policy is issued, it will attract more talents to Qingtian for development. At the same time, a talent database will be established on to make it easier for employers to select people in order to find a simpler and more reliable force measurement method

in recent years, in order to create a good talent environment, Qingtian County has guided and assisted industrial development and Rural Revitalization by creating "ten platforms" such as the "Qingtian talent intelligence return" project and the return of Qingtian businessmen to the entrepreneurial park. Over the past three years, a total of 94 projects have been introduced, and 10 provincial "foreign experts and talents" projects have been introduced, with an investment of 14.9 billion yuan. At the same time, it actively plans projects such as coffee Town, hundred countries style gathering area, dongbaoshan cultural theme park, stone carving trading platform, etc., so as to build a bridge for the common development of talents, projects and overseas Chinese capital, and create an important engine for the revitalization and development of rural industries

in order to better ensure the construction of talent team, the county has set up "overseas talent introduction Award" with a high standard, and the maximum reward for social institutions or individuals who successfully introduce overseas high-level talents can reach 300000 yuan

it is understood that since 2014, the county has given full play to the advantages of hometown of overseas Chinese, hired 24 Qingtian overseas Chinese leaders from 10 countries and regions such as Spain, Italy, Germany and the United States as "talent introduction ambassadors", established "overseas (2) ultrasonic vibration grinding processing talent post station" in 8 countries and regions, regularly publicized hometown talent support policies, and assisted in the introduction of various scientific research institutions, innovation teams and high-level talents. Among them, the French talent post also provides a bridge for the county's architectural planning and Design Institute, and introduces Lu Wei, Qingtian's "foreign son-in-law", to be responsible for the construction of Characteristic Towns in the county and the planning of rural B & B

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