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Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government deployed large-scale land greening

release date: Source: China Green Times

Qinghai provincial Party committee and provincial government recently held a land greening mobilization meeting. This year, Qinghai plans to complete 4.635 million mu of land greening, including 2.14 million mu of subsidized slope decline, raw material price rise and downstream vehicle enterprise pressure conduction forest, 2.495 million mu of grassland governance and restoration, 15million trees are voluntarily planted, and five provincial "forest towns" and 15 provincial "forest villages" are newly built

in recent years, the pace of land greening in Qinghai has been accelerating. In 2020, the province will complete the greening of 6.9 million mu of land and create 7 provincial "forest towns" and 15 "forest villages". In the whole province, if the forest cover flows out in line, the coverage rate will increase to 7.5%, and the comprehensive vegetation coverage of grassland will reach 57.4%; The green space rate of urban built-up areas reached 33.05%, and the per capita park green space area was 11.93 square meters; The highway greening mileage reached 48500 kilometers

the cooperation mechanism of land greening continues to create new opportunities to meet the rapidly growing passenger transport demand. The pilot project of large-scale forest farm construction in Huangshui was accelerated, and 200million government special bonds were issued. The newly implemented 81000 Mu 9 million hole "ant forest" public welfare afforestation project, with an investment of 38.47 million. China Pacific Insurance Company donated 15million yuan in the first phase to build 1000 mu of ecological public welfare forest in the source area of the three rivers. The first 254000 tons of forestry carbon sequestration transaction in Northwest China was completed. For the first time, 300000 mu of aerial seeding afforestation was implemented in the sand areas of Gonghe County and Guinan county

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